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Football Equipment

     Football, a game that developed in the United States in the 19th century was actually derived from soccer (association football) and rugby football. This sport is played by professionals and amateurs which are generally male college or high school teams. Football today is one of the more popular sports, which attract thousands of participants and millions of spectators per year.

     The game of football is played by two opposing teams. Each team tries to move the ball down the field to score in the end zone defended by its opponents. During a football game the teams are designated as the offensive team (the team in possession of the ball) and the defensive team (the team defending a goal line against the offensive team).

     Equipment used in football mainly focuses on the player's body protection and a ball is of course needed. During professional games both in the NFA and College, football fields are beautifully kept with the appropriate lines painted on the fields. For the rest of us however, we can play the game in any spacious schoolyard or field.

     Sports equipment in terms of football is specifically designed with the players' safety in mind. This form of sport is full contact and the human body needs protective gear to shield their body and head from the impacts. Football equipment such as helmets and padding should be worn at all times in the interest of personal safety and well being.