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Football Apparel

     Football apparel is the largest aspect of football equipment. The parts of the uniform that we see are the jersey and the pants. The front and back of the jersey are nylon, with spandex side panels to keep it taut. The goal is to make it difficult, if not impossible, for an opposing player to grab hold of the jersey and use it for leverage. Football jerseys have featured characteristics to help this process. Jerseys have an extension at the bottom that wraps around from front to back to keep the jersey tucked in. Jerseys have a wide strip of Velcro at the rear that adheres with velcro inside the waistband of the pants. Many players even apply two-sided carpet tape to their shoulder pads so that the jersey sticks to the pads.

     The pants also combine nylon and spandex for a tight fit. Football pants are designed to accommodate the bulk of leg pads, but to fit snugly and comfortably against a player's lower body.

     Gloves are an important piece of apparel because with without hand protection, receivers wouldn't be able to catch the ball. Many receivers wear gloves that have a sticky rubber palm, called tact gloves, or are covered with a sticky substance like rosin or a sticky spray. Linemen also wear gloves that usually have thick padding in them to better protect their fingers and hands, which can sometimes get caught up in another player's face mask or be stepped on in a tackle.

     Foot protection is also incredibly important piece of football equipment because without proper footwear, players would constantly be subject to injury, especially injuries to the knees. Shoes have become a huge part of professional sports, for two main reasons. There is now a big commercial aspect to the shoes the players wear. Many teams have a team-wide contract with a sports company (like Nike or Reebok), but many players also have individual contracts with a shoe company and product endorsements.

     Football shoes are quite similar to golf shoes. The cleats, or spikes, are hard plastic pieces that screw into the bottom of the soles. Cleats come in four sizes which are targeted to different weather and field conditions. These include 1/2 inch, 3/8 inch, 3/4 inch, and 1 inch cleats.

Protective gear is also a large part of football apparel.