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New Football Equipment

     New football equipment can be on the expensive side, due to attentive care in achieving a balanced medium between safety and light weight. It is in the players' best interest to purchase quality rather than the less expensive equipment. Cheaper equipment is more likely to fall apart easier and there is always the risk to a player's safety should the protective equipment fail to do a proper job.

     Helmets and shoulder pads are probably the most expensive pieces of equipment. Though it is possible to buy a $35 helmet at just any store, these are not suitable for the avid football player. At a strenuous, competitive level, you need a helmet that will protect your head from injury and concussions. A well made helmet can range as high as $200 or more depending on the brand name. Shoulder pads can be purchased for as high as $300. Though it's not necessary to purchase the most expensive line, remember to consider your safety. Face masks can be found in the range of $30.

     Pants can be found in the range of $20 - $45 while jerseys range from $20 - $50. Padding can range from $10 - $30. A great pair of durable cleats can cost anywhere from $50 - $200.

     Considering that much of your equipment with the exception of the ball, jersey and pants, is also your protective gear, it is best to aim for quality merchandise. The majority of players and coaches recommend making the investment of new, quality equipment, rather than running the risk of a concussion or broken bones. Gloves can range from $20 - $60. A well made football can cost as high as $80 or more.