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Used Football Equipment

     Used football equipment can be a less expensive alternative to purchasing brand new. Helmets, padding, and footballs could all be purchased used, provided you don't mind the previous use. You should be very careful however when purchasing used equipment, because previously used protective gear may not be as reliable in its purpose of safety. Ensure that helmets are the proper fit, and that there are no cracks in the plastic or tears in the inside padding. The jaw pads and air bladders should be in excellent condition and the chin strap secure.

     Equipment in respects to padding such as hip pads, knee pads and thigh pads should also be without tears and your shoulder padding shouldn't have any cracks in the armour. Your gloves can most likely be purchased used provided they are also in good condition. Your shoes or cleats you will want to purchase new. Not only in the interest of hygiene, but your cleats should be comfortably fitted to your own feet, rather than broken in by a previous player.